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Dec. 8th, 2027

flora: Photo of a baby penguin chick (Default)
Welcome to Flora's journal! My India-related posts are public. A very few of the more personal posts in this journal are "friends-only," not published to the whole Intarwebz. If you would like to read those parts of my journal, please leave a comment on this entry telling me how you know me. Comments on this post are hidden from everyone but me.

Re-posting policy: If a post is public, you are welcome to link to it. If something is locked, please treat it as a private discussion between friends.

Filters: I have a few filters for some special groups, so let me know if: Are you in the SCA? Do you live in the greater Washington DC area? Are you a Mason or an Eastern Star? You can use this page to check what filters you're in.

Thanks for reading!

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