Aug. 24th, 2009

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Mainly for my reference.

To Do
- vaccinations: polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, typhoid fever, MMR
- fax vaccination form to UM
- figure out payment for fall semester class
x international driver's license
- glasses
- refill allergy prescriptions
- Malaria tablets
- vitamins
- acidophilious pills
- CAC reader
- sandals
- letter from doctor's office listing all prescriptions
- check climate statistics for Gujarat
- return shirts to JCP

To scan and send to gmail account
- Passport, visa
- international driver's license
- birth certificate
- US driver's license
- Credit cards (cover up expiration date)

Carry-On Items
- Contact info for in-country contact people: office, home, work, personal cell, personal email, facebook, gmail, instant messenger, whatever other info we can get
- 3 days worth of clothes
- Special clothes:
--- suit
--- shawl
- meds: benadryl, imodium
- Prescriptions in original packaging
- Letter from doctor on letterhead listing prescriptions
- small plane-friendly first-aid kit, no sharp instruments
- sunscreen, toothpaste, toiletries, dental floss
- extra passport photos
- Copies of documents
- blank books/journals
- everybody's contact info from home (for sending postcards)
- Printed photos of family and friends (for showing Indian hosts)

Checked baggage
- UV water purifier gadget
- sunglasses
- pillows
- sunscreen
- toothpaste
- deodorant
- DEET mosquito spray
- mosquito netting
- shampoo
- conditioner
- detangler x2
- hand sanitizer jug x2
- toilet paper
- razors, 1 pk
- nail clipper
- scissors
- blank notebook/composition book
x feminine products
- panties
- bras
- nightwear
- shirts
x black slacks
x belts
- shoes/sandals
x comfort insoles
x can opener
x small grater
x windbreaker jacket

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