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Welcome to Flora's journal! My India-related posts are public. A very few of the more personal posts in this journal are "friends-only," not published to the whole Intarwebz. If you would like to read those parts of my journal, please leave a comment on this entry telling me how you know me. Comments on this post are hidden from everyone but me.

Re-posting policy: If a post is public, you are welcome to link to it. If something is locked, please treat it as a private discussion between friends.

Filters: I have a few filters for some special groups, so let me know if: Are you in the SCA? Do you live in the greater Washington DC area? Are you a Mason or an Eastern Star? You can use this page to check what filters you're in.

Thanks for reading!
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This blog chronicles our adventures in India during fall 2009, during my husband's Fulbright Scholar exchange.

New here? You can read from the beginning, or, read by month: September October November December

Disclaimer: The opinions on this blog are entirely my own; they are not my husband's, not my government's. This site and its content are not in any way associated with the U.S. State Department or the Fulbright program.
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If you can read this, you can view my public posts.  Thanks for reading!

I have additional filters (test by checking this page) for Masonic (OES and Freemasons), SCA, and Local (in the greater Washington DC area). Let me know if you are in those groups.  Comments on this entry are screened (hidden from everyone but me).

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