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Friday night we went to a local children's park, Rotary club, and the undergrad business administration gala. 

The first stop was the nursery (plants). I thought of my parents when we visited the nursery. My dad in particular would love the giant palms--like his pet ponytail palms, but these ones are several stories tall.  We met our friends professors Hiren and Bhavesh and their families.  With their kids, we saw the Fish Gar (fish house). It's a building in the shape of a fish, with different aquarium tanks for different types of fish.

We ate supper at the park's restaurant. It turns out it's owned by [pharmacy school dean] JK Patel's brother. The food was excellent. I especially liked their papad (crispy bread wafer), and I don't normally like papad much.  They also made a Hydrabadi biryani which is a brilliant green rice dish that tasted really interesting (it's flavored with cilantro).

It turns out the hospital that treated Michael's broken toe (for $6) is sponsored by the local Rotary International club.  Dr. JK Patel drove us there. He's a member, and he gave Michael the scoop on the Rotary.  Dr. JK Patel introduced us to his Rotary club officers. I think he's wanting to introduce Rotary to Michael.

Michael got his bandage taken off at the Rotary Club hospital. The Rotary sponsors the hospital and other charitable works in Visnagar.  There's a traffic circle around one of their symbols in town.  Dr. JK Patel drove us there and back.  Michael was looking at the analgesic ointment they gave him for the pain, and then Dr. Patel started talking all about its chemical properties. It was great having an expert in the car.

It was late, so we went only briefly to Bhavesh's undergraduate Business Administration welcome gathering. (The BBA degree is part of the engineering school.) That was a quieter affair, though very well-organized. They had a live band that was pretty good.  They also had corporate sponsorship banners from local businesses (including Shukan, our favorite Visnagar restaurant).  They presented us each with a gift pack of flowers. This included Dr. JK Patel, to his surprise; he was still along to give us a ride back so Michael wouldn't have to hobble the 20-minute walk across campus.  For once, Michael didn't dance.
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My husband is a brilliant, intelligent man. He is also a fool.

He broke his toe trying to drive an electric bike (motor scooter). I'm glad he didn't break anything else. And I'm extremely thankful he will not try driving a motorbike in India again.

Nothing gory, but cut to hide the details of his stupidity. )

Medical care here is cheap. He had three fractures in his big toe. It cost Michael only a few hundred rupees (about six US dollars). That covers the X-rays, doctor consultation, bandages and meds. He was in and out in about 20 minutes, despite the hospital ER being crowded with people. His insurance has a $15 copay, so the cost is moot. It's likely my cell-phone call to the health-insurance company cost more than the treatment.

We took this as a sign that Michael should not try driving a motor scooter again. He also was sufficiently alarmed by riding on the back of a motorcycle to the hospital that he asked me not to do it. I'm just thankful this incident happened; the next time he might not have been so lucky. Traffic here is crazy and I would be worried sick any time he tried it.

So now he's thinking of getting a regular bicycle. I'm not sure what I think of that. At least we have another week or two before the bandages come off, to think of alternative ways of transportation.

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