Aug. 13th, 2009

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We move to rural India in two weeks. Or less. Or maybe more? We still don't have definite dates; the bureaucrats are still ordering the one-way plane tickets. We've asked to leave August 28 or later and have a two-day layover in Paris. Then hopefully we'll have a day or so of in-country orientation in Delhi before moving to the host university's guest house. Michael starts teaching around the first of September. Indian school-year semesters vary by region, and they don't line up with the traditional US school year. Overall, it seems like they're much more flexible about class schedules or just dates in general.

Speaking of flexible, my amazing company is letting me telecommute! We can keep paying our mortgage and I don't neglect my teammates. I will be keeping busy, helping finish the major software project I've been working on for a year. It's work that can mostly be done offline if needed, so if a stray cow knocks out the internet for half a day, it'll be OK. Our CTO also gave approval to start writing a company standard-requirements document for usability and best practices. So that'll give me a fun back-burner project to work on when the acronyms are driving me buggy.

I have precious little time to pack. My second summer class ends this week. My final presentation (50 minutes long) on how to evaluate Business Intelligence software is on Saturday. Sunday is our take-home final exam. The final project report is due Monday. I'm still almost a week behind, since I didn't have much internet access on my recent business trip. So tonight I will be working hard (the prof gave me an extension, but I don't want to push it). The class has still been great; terrific, practical information on usability engineering. I already applied some of it at the users' group meeting a couple weeks ago.

Enough procrastinating. Must go do work. Ack!

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