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Aug. 19th, 2009

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Here's some Frequently Asked Questions about our India trip.

Q: Are you really moving to India?
A: Yes. For about three months, September through November. Then we're coming back to our home in the U.S.

Q: Why are you going to India?
A: My husband, Michael, is going as a Fulbright Scholar. He will be teaching computer science at an engineering school in Gujarat (northwest India) on behalf of the U.S. State Department. I'm going along with him because I couldn't resist the opportunity, and we'd miss each other.

Q: What part of India is that?
A: Western India; Gujarat, northwest of Mumbai (Bombay). We'll be relatively near Ahmedabad, on the rural edge of the small city of Visnagar.

Q: Are you going the whole time?
A: Yes. All three months.

Q: Will you be blogging or posting pictures?
A: Yes. I plan to be writing in depth on my DreamWidth blog, cross-posting to LiveJournal for my friends there, and posting links to pictures. I don't know about Twitter or other streams yet. I will post some on FaceBook too.

Q: Do I need a DreamWidth account to read about your trip?
A: No. I plan to leave almost all my India posts public. You can still get an OpenID account, but right now I'm not locking much down.

Q: What about your job?
A: I'll be telecommuting full time. My company is absolutely awesome and they've been terrific at accommodating this. I plan to continue working my tail off, doing software requirements and related work.

Q: What about your husband's job?
A: He has a sabbatical for the fall semester.

Q: What about your house? Your pets?
A: My sister is house-sitting for us and looking after the pets.

Q: Are you taking the semester off from grad school?
A: Yes. I start again in the spring.

Q: Can you send me a postcard?
A: Sure! Send me a message with your current address.

Q: Can people come visit you in India?
A: Sure! We'll have a guest house there. Just let us know in advance.

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